Howling At The Moon

Splatter ECU, Berlin, Pankstraße UBahn
A few weeks ago was reported as an attack site by the Google mafia web cartel. This was a result of being too careless in open WiFi environments and using insecure connections on public terminals. In the end I decided to take down the site and start from scratch again. It was time to redesign the site anyway. I’ve laid my web design ambitions to rest in favor of more general, hands on design. Im no longer interested in writing php scripts, CSS alchemy or pixel-widths. Instead I’ve been into having dirty inky hands, razor blades, camera snapshops, photocopiers, reclaiming textures from the environment around me (, and appropriating images.
That is all in addition to screenprinting, sewing of textile and paper. Recycling, upcycling, and launching a line of apparel products (, which is a world in itself, managing the production, design, promotion and business aspect, and shipping orders via my Etsy Shop (

I’m still DJing once or twice a week mostly in Berlin but some italian and greek dates coming up before the end of the year. With all this activity I’ve been Howling At The Moon and not sleeping much… And I’m also homeless. I have barely got time for being ‘home’ anyway. If I’m not on the road from one part of the city to another or in the studio, Im DJing or working other odd-jobs. That’s life in the neo-Boheme.

DJ Mark Splatter mixtape Volume 63 (March 2010)

DJ Mark Splatter - 63. March 2010 mixtape

Next up. March 2010. Music slowly starts trickling back in thanks to some more regular DJing, getting me to meet and talk to some new people. One of the dancers got me into Alaska’s ‘Bailando’, and music (and videos) like this picked me up a bit and reminded me that spring was on the way, even though there were still a lot of late nights walking home alone with nothing to dwell on but alienation, loneliness, disassociation, anxiety, failures and uselessness. The songs on this mixtape reflect that perfectly in the lyrics, while the rhythms offer hope – on the dancefloor.

DJ Mark Splatter mixtape Volume 62 (February 2010)

February’s edition is where it starts to get more intense. I was going through a tough time and almost not able to come up with any new music the past few months, due to severe agorophobia and winter depression. I had just come back from Romania where I had a fantastic DJ gig and a great time with good people and a nice girl, meanwhile in Berlin there was no work and seemed totally bleak and isolated, and In fact got fired from bartending and kicked out of the band project I had been playing with since a few months before.