blank walls, prostitues and the cure Podcast by DJ Mark Splatter: Deathrock, PostPunk, Gothic, Dark Alt, Trash, Rockeight o clock in the evening and my day still hasnt really begun. im at my best at around 3am. but somehow i manage to funktion a bit around noon. coffee or tee sounded like a good idea but making food takes time. chinese sounded good as i look over my daybook for what project to attack next. im building my hauptkalendar, a project in itself. somehow to organize the dates and shows and deadlines and travel. something to liven up my as of yet blank wall next to my desk at home. the goal: to make my living room into an actual studio. taking advantage of some of these images that have been dominating my existence.

still a bit burned from last night. i rushed home at 1:30am, finding it odd that the subways were still running in a timely fashion – oh yeah, its a holiday. Christus Himmelfahrt. images of jesus cruising up to heaven on his harley davidson like the ‘bat out of hell’ cover come to my mind. i threw on a suit for a costume party where i could meet up with some friends i havent seen in ages. but at 2am im walking around monbijouplatz, with no club in sight, being propositioned by some very forward prostitutes. thats the last time i walk around like im looking for something specific in that area… i texted pamela in prague, she knows why thats funny. shes probably partying with Polina right now. shes putting on the Cinema Strange show next month in Prague, which cross my fingers, i’ll be able to attend.
so now on this grey day i listen sulkily to The Cure 4CD B-Sides and rarities i’ve been meaning to put in my iTunes. i’m also pretty impressed by Danko Jones. meanwhile i write, photoshop, totally suck at illustrator, email, and otherwise try and make sense out of this mess in front of me. i’ve got good momentum going to get my newest goals off the ground this week. i must have a lot of fuel to burn.

This Weeks Top 10 (Mostly Cure…)
The Cure – Lament (Flexipop Version)
The Cure – Another Journey By Train
The Cure – I’m Cold
Danzig – Trouble
The Cure – A Man Inside My Mouth
Danko Jones – Soul on Ice
The Cure – Out Of Mind
The Cure – Burn
Ikara Colt – Your Vain Attempts
The Faint – Violent

Word of the day:
in·tran·si·geant: Refusing to moderate a position, especially an extreme position; uncompromising

Current Art: David Stoupakis
David Stoupakis - Hybridization

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3 thoughts on “blank walls, prostitues and the cure”

  1. you text ended a long night of bartending and brought a smile to my face. this will bring a smile to yours- the story is still regarded by most as the fictional work of a perverse imagination. well, the part about the imagination is close to right. i got an email from polina and am hoping she calls. i really, really, really hope you make it to our little party. the green fairy will be in attendance and much wicked fun will be enjoyed by all.

  2. hello this is also great cure fan well also depeche mode, bauhaus,de/vision…sisters,mission,x-mal deutschland fan…I have been reading your blog and for the first time a I didnt had to beat my head against the wall! :) if I got it wright you live in Prague. well I will be there for new 2007. and I wonder can I buy platform boots there?an what about clubs I bet it better than in my country well I would be greatfull for some information thanks! :) *buy buy*

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