Bone Orchard


It's Bone-a-billy party time! The post punk deathrock of Bone Orchard

An introduction to:

Bone Orchard - they were a spastic group, during the early eighties in the UK. They grey from the punk and post punk movements, in a cult of bands that unofficially claimed the Birthday Party as their progenitor. With their wild and desperate bass antics, off beat and just as weird drumming, shreds of shrieking guitar, and lurid, poetic lyrics, they fell right into the niche that was developing in London, gothic rock, and it's American counterpart, deathrock.

Bone Orchard was among the first to take the themes of the Birthday Party into a new direction, along with bands like Ausgang, the Inca Babies, Sunglasses After Dark, and more. They were more than just odd, they were brilliant.

Bone Orchard