Deathrock Compilations

The Whip
Kamera Records
(Jungle, Cleopatra re-issues)

Bands: Blood and Roses, Slavedrive (former members of UK Decay, would quickly become Furyo after another namechange to Meat of Youth), Commercial Break (got to be someone fucking around!), Dave Vanian, Marc Almond and Andi Sexgang, Carcrash International and others. An Excellent Album. Be sure to get the original LP or the jungle 2CD reissue as Cleopatra axed a lot of the original content and put in their own bands.

The Whip: Original
CD Re-Issue:
(Cleopatra, Jungle 2CD)
The Whip: CD reissue

Return of the Living Dead

TSOL, The Cramps, The Damned, The Tallboys, The Flesheaters, Jet Black Berries (formerly New Math), 45 Grave

The Classic punk rock horror movie features an amazing soundtrack from both sides of the pond. This movie staterd it all for a lot of punks and deathrockers, with the main characters being an aloof and mishmash group of punks, new wavers and morticians. Not to mention brain-eating zombies.

Let's Die
Doug Moody Productions 1985

Patrick Mata (Kommunity FK), Burning Image, Silver Chalice (with Rob Ritter and Paul Cutler of 45 Grave), Ill Repute, Theives Cross, Flower Leperds, and more.

Kommunity FK/Patrick Mata gets the title track to this compilation, Patrick Mata's "Let's Die" is an amazingly good punk song screaming about how we are actively destroying ourselves every day. With cover art by Mad Marc Rude (also Misfits album illustrator) it's at first hard to believe that this album is extremely collectable. But the Mystic Records series has become very sought after, including the infamous "Return to Slimey Valley" compilation.
Silver Chalice was a project both before and after 45 Grave by Rob Ritter and Paul Cutler, with other punk friend Geza X from (...). Silver Chalice had a short LP and not much else. They were a more glammy punk band with a dark image and sound. Very good.
Burning Image was an obscure San Francisco band that played a deathrock/metal hybrid along the lines of the superheroines, with a gloomy edge, and fast guitar licks.

Let's Die

Hell Comes to Your House

Super Heroines, Social Distortion, Mau Maus, 100 Flowers, Christian Death, 45 Grave, and more. Recently re-issued on CD and LP by Time-Bomb (who also carry great Social Distortion Re-issues). This is a classic Punk rock compilation featuring an equal split of deathrock and punk bands from the early LA punk scene on the infamous Bemis Brain records.

Gothic Rock

Vol 1. Great!

Vol 2. Beware.

Vol 3. Better try this time.


Young Limbs, Numb Hymns:
The Batcave Compilation

Specimen, Panic Button (Would Become Sex Gang Children), Meat of Youth (aka Slavedrive, former members of UK Decay, but would more permanently become Furyo), The Venommettes (Marc and the Mambas backing band without Marc Almond), Alien Sex Fiend, Brilliant and more.

American Gothic:
The Krypt Compilation

Premature Ejaculations (Rozz Williams' performance art/noise/ambient project), Black March, Radio Werewolf, H-Bomb Whitenoise, EXP, UP, Subteranneans, Screams for Tina

The Krypt was an infamous LA klub in the mid to late 80s. This compilation features their performers.

CD Version:
American Gothic: CD

Scream: The Compilation

Kommunity FK, Abcadarians, TSOL, Jane's Addiction, Caterwaul

Blood on the Cats

Meteors, Alien Sex Fiend

In Goth Daze

Specimen, Nico, Furyo, In Excelsis, Alien Sex Fiend

Darker Scratcher

Boyd Rice, Human Hands (45 Grave related) , B People (45 Grave Related), 45 Grave, Monitor

Death By Dawn

Orphanage Records

Theatre of Ice, Warlock Pinchers, Human Head Transplant, Crash Worship, etc.



Children of the Damned


Curse of the Hearse


Tombstone Park


Death By Dawn II: The Avenger
Apollyon, 1994

1. Brotherhood of Pagens - Sinner Comes to Bites
2. Praise of Folly - Disillusioned
3. Madre Del Vizio - Reprise
4. Sunshine Blind - Francis/Pepper Laid Waste
5. The Deep Eynde - Hoodoo
6. Corpus Delicti - Patient
7. Jacquy Bitch - Frustration II
8. Artica - Sarajevo 9. Ikon - The Echos of Silence
10. Subterfuge - Darkland Awakening
11. Midnight Configuration - Infinite Design
12. 13 Candles - Disbelievers
13. Les Fleurs Du Mal - The Abyss

Sacred War
Gymnastic Records, 1990

1.Death in June - Giddy Giddy Carousell
2. Savage Republic - Spice Fields
3. Yeht Mae - Keep the Devil Down
4. UP/Rotor - Pagen Technology
5. Super Heroines - The Nightstalker
6. Mephisto Walz - Der Sack
7. Anton Lavey - Hymn of the Satanic Empire
8. NON - Total War
9. Death in June - Fall Apart
10. Sol Invictus - Abattoirs of Love
11. Premature Ejaculations - Agents of Death
12. Yeht Mae - Angel Devil





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