Crisis -

No Town Hall
7" single
Action Group NOTH 1

No Town Hall • Holocaust, PC 1984

Their debut single, it was sessions recorded for one of two BBC (John Peel) shows that they bought, instead of re-recording.

No Town Hall

White Youth
7" single
Ardkor CR 1002

White Youth • UK '79

Their second single. White Youth was an anti-fascist rally song, but some simple minded fools in the music press took it at face value, and labeled Crisis rascist! The song itself is Clash like in its white dub bass and guitar.
UK '79 is a song about the violent and turbulent British social and political climate, with the lines "

Hymns of Faith
12" mini LP
Ardkor CR 1003

On T.V., Laughin', Back in the U.S.S.R., Afraid • Frustration, Red Brigades, Kanada Kommando

Their Only real LP, considered a mini LP, came with a photo insert. This was Crisis at their more reserved. The guitar was more innovative than the punk anthems on their earlier singles, but the lyrics were just as politically bitter. This was their last effort, as it had all begun to fall apart by this time for Crisis, people in the band going in deifferent directions. They decided to remain together for their first and final LP.

7" single
Ardkor CR 1004

Alienatien • Brukwood Hospital

This single was the last remaining BBC sessions tracks, and was released after Crisis split up - 16 months after, probably to jumpstart Death In June, as the runoff grooves have "And now for Death In June" etched in to them. It has an insert with a discography, line-ups, and stated that Luke Rendell is in TOH, and Tony and Doug are now in Death In June. The cover photo shows the Berlin wall, and soldiers taking the body of someone shot and left to die down from it.


Holocaust U.K.
12" single
Noth 1 CRI 002

No Town Hall, Holocaust, PC 1984 • 
White Youth, UK '79

A post humous release containing their first two singles, propoertedly a bootleg.

We Are All Jews and Germans
Double CD
1997 Ouroubouros Music Ltd, WSD

1. Holocaust
2. PC 1984
3. No Town Hall
4. White Youth
5. UK '78
6. Brukwood Hospital
7. Alientation
8. Laughing
9. Afraid
10. Red Brigades
11. Frustration
12. Kanada Kommando
1. Mutant
2. Kill Kill Kill
3. PC 1984
4. UK 78
5. Red Brigades
6. On TV
7. Laughing
8. Back in the USSR
9. Afraid
10. Frustration
11. Red Brigades
12. Kanada Kommando
We Are All Jews and Germans

A number of songs naver made it to being recorded, "Search and Destroy", "SPG", "Stand Up", "Waiting For Reaction", "Garbage", "With Everyone I Disagree", "Assault", and "All Alone In Her Nirvana" (which would be recorded later as a Death In June song).
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