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Out of the early years of the punk British punk scene, after bands like the Sex Pistols and The Damned had set the standard, bands like The Dark, Crisis, UK Decay and the like were forming around them, not to mention a slew of other hardcore punk bands that would be even more popular in their genre.

The Dark infused a unique and refreshing element of humor, kitsch, American nostalgia, and eventually, gloom, into a flat punk music genre that was rife with songs of drunkenness, chaos, and political die-hards.

This site serves as a tribute to The Dark, and the bands like them that stood out and helped to bring originality both in music and in lyrics into punk music. Not to mention a little darkness. Hence their presence on With a full discography and an historical account with sounds, photos, links and facts, as well as opinions.



Jim Bryson, member of the Dark and writer of their most popular song here at, 'The Masque' passed away in February 2002.

RIP Jim Bryson

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