• The Flesheaters featured a lot of LA punk scene well knowns as temporary members, like:
    • John Doe of "X". He was a regular Flesheater.
    • DJ Bonebrake: played in the "Germs", "X", "45 Grave", and other well known bands.
    • Dave Alvin was a Flesheater. He started out ina band called the Blasters.
  • Chris D had two other bands after the Flesheaters: "The Divine Horsemen" and "Stone by Stone". The Divine Horsemen had even more appearances by punks like Kid Congo Powers (Gun Club, Cramps, Birthday Party), Jeffrey Lee Peirce (Gun Club), Patricia Morrison (Legal Weapon, Gun Club, Sisters of Mercy, the Damned), Stan Ridgeway (Wall of Voodoo) and many more. Tony Gilkyson of X and others. Julie Christenson, chanteuse extraordinaire, sang with DH as did Jill Jordan, one of the finest women tattoo artists on the West Coast, and various members of Blood on the Saddle, Legal Weapon and other folks played numerous gigs with DH.
  • The Flesheaters were supposed to have had another album out in 1998, "Ashes of Time". Instead, word is, the Divine Horsemen have a new album coming out.
  • Chris D., Dave Alvin, and Tesco V. starred in the movie "Border Radio", a film with rock and roll, outlaws, and hitting the road.
  • Chris D. helped the Misfits produce their first full length album, "Walk Among Us" on Slash/Ruby records during the Misfits California tour.
  • Chris D. is a fan and collector of Japanese Gangster movies.
  • The "D" in Chris D. stands for "Desjardins"
  • Chris D produced some music from San Francisco's current Pheonix Thunderstone
  • Texxas Terri, who sang backup on later Flesheaters albums now has her own band, Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones, also a really good band!

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