The Flesheaters were formed in LAs early music scene, blending horror and ghoul rock with punk and a wild rythm. The man known only as Chris D., or "Jack Nicholson From Hell" began this project in the early eighties amidst the LA punk scene. With no band to call his own, he took to "borrowing" other bands members, most notably John Doe and DJ Bonebrake of X. An album was cut, and the Flesheaters erupted onto the scene. Not only did the Flesheaters join the few bands who were throwing a little gloom and doom in LA punk, by combining punk rock with rockabilly and deathrock, the Flesheaters were something new, something original.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend
Not only was Chris Desjardins the brains behind the Flesheaters, he was also well know for his photography that can be seen in many punk zines and album covers/inserts, his bands Stone by Stone and The Divine Horsemen, and his partnership in Slash Magazine, one of the most influential punk rock magazines of the time. Slash also became a record label that carried many popular punk acts. Maybe you remember Walk Among Us by the Misfits?

Eventually the Flesheaters stabalized and maintaned some kind of regular lineup. Several albums were released, including live performances and best hits collections. After the Flesheaters, Chris D. formed the Divine Horsemen. The Flesheaters released a few albums after 1990 like "Dragstrip Riot" and "Crucified Lovers In Woman Hell". Their latest album, "Ashes of Time" was released in 1999.

update 7/20/00: ashes of time review
update 8/1/00: more photos

Flesheaters Interview, c. 1981, Flipside Magazine

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