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* The Magits formed in late 77 as a result of the punk rock phenomenon reaching into every home in Britian via the likes of the Sex Pistols and the Clash, among others. A young Nick Blinko, afflicted with a morose disposition and the burning urge for non conformity gathered 4 friends and formed his first 'band', The Magits. Their goal was to take the urgency and intent of punk and carry it on where it seemed to have presuambly 'died' at the hands of the media and its own chaotic implosion.

Speaking of chaotic implosions, the band soon found that as a four peice, each members individuality could not be expressed equally, leaving it a two peice consisting of Nick Blinko and Martin Cooper. Jon Greville, whom Nick would work with later in Rudimentary Peni, left the band. Even more detrimintal to their vision of individuality, the band shunned the defacto instruments of the typical rock band - drums, bass, guitar, etc. They proceded to use virtually every sound available to them other than thouse sources by banging and beating whatever came their way - from toys to floors.

Nick Blinko left Art College to work in a mental hospital. The third remaining member at this point split to pursue making music with synthesizers (which weren't punk, maan). Througout the loss of members, the Magits were now convinced of just how many interesting and dedicated people there really were...

Their sole release, fully coherent, was recorded in several sessions at two studios with two instuments, based on a set they were preparing for a gig with Adam and the Ants, which never happened. Out of all the material recorded, just the 4 songs were chosen for the release based on atmosphere and effect.

*All information taken from a zine insert ('Magitzine') included with the record.

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