One of German Wave's most important legacies, Malari! inspired countless others in its wake, with their brand of cold, abrupt, and harsh apocalytic punk. An all female group, the vocals did not consist of sweet, seductive pop notes. Just the opposite. The halted, deep vocal style paired with dynamic lyrics was as artistic as their music. Alongside contemporaries X-Mal Deutschland, German gothic was established permanently.


Berlin, 1981. BETTINA KůSTER and GUDRUN GUT disbanded MANIA D after one 7"(GUDRUN GUT performed with Einsturzende Neubauten during their first year), and with MANON P. DUURSMA of "O.U.T." (Nina Hagen), CHRISTINE HAHN and SUSANNE KUHNKE, (Die Haut) absorbing formed MALARIA! Their earliest achievements were a pair of 12"s and a single, a European tour, and a BBC recording session for John Peel.

An American tour landed them supporting slots for bands like the Birthday Party, John Cale, and Nina Hagen, culminating in the recording of 'The New York Passage' featuring one of their biggest hits, 'Your Turn To Run'. Back in Europe, 'White Water' was recorded, introducing the cult club hit 'Kalte Klare Wasser (Cold Clear Water). Next, their first and only LP, 'Emotion', which the video for ;Geld' was cut from. A second US tour brought 'Revisited', a live recording performed at the legendary New York City Danceteria and a video of 'You You'.

Back in Germany again, 'Beat the Distance' would be the last the world heard of Malaria!... for seven years. Reuniting after the 'Compiled' best of... was released, in New Orleans, Malaria recorded 'Elation' (featuring 'Old Man River' produced by Feotus' Jim Thirwell) and returning to Berlin for 'Cheerio'.
The primary members of Malaria! have stayed involved with music over the years, solo projects, other bands (Matador, Miasma, etc.). In recent years, Malaria! remix projects have been hitting record shelves, as their influence begins to become made blatantly clear by DJs and bands of all genres.

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