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The UK. 1980. Amidst a volatile punk rock scene, the Mob, along with bands like Rudimentary Peni saw no hope in the future, and certainly not in the present. All The Mob could point out was that the world was a bleak and painful place that offered death and despair in a variety of forms.

Punk music had hit its second wave, and bands like Crass and Conflict were making a political statement with music, turning punk into an anarchist movement - for real, fusing political theory into the lyrics of their music and creating the anrcho-punk genre. Despite their company with Crass bands, The Mob had none of it though. The height of their political gambit was blaming politicians among others for the state of things. In the beginning their records appeared mainly on All the Madmen Records, their own label, but CRASS Records did release "No Doves Fly Here" 7".

Drums................Josef Portar


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Some of the other English post punk bands that shared a similiar vision musically and lyrically with The Mob were the Southern Death Cult, UK Decay, Theatre of Hate, and Flux of Pink Indians, not to forget Rudimentary Peni.

The Mob began as early as 1979, and lasted until 1983, playing only to a European audience, never having made it to America. Other music projects of former Mob members are NULL & VOID, with a 7" called 'Still it Must Go On...', a 3 track ep on the Belgian 'Not so Brave' label sounding very Mob-like, with the addition of piano. Josef Porter founded and is still fronting Blyth Power, he was also in the anarcho-punk band Zounds. The whereabouts of Mark Mob are uncertain, many rumours have come through though, from living in a teepee, being a used car salesman, to being an auto mechanic.

-Mark Splatter


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