The Mob

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Crying Again

Crying Again 7"
(All the Madmen)

A. Crying Again
B. Youth

Witch Hunt 7"
(All the Madmen)
At least 4 different sleeves

A. Witch Hunt
B. ???

Witch Hunt
No Doves Fly Here

No Doves Fly Here 7"

A. No Doves Fly Here
B. I Hear You Laughing

The Mirror Breaks / Stay 7"
(All the Madmen)

A. The Mirror Breaks
B. Stay

The Mirror Breaks / Stay
Let The Tribe Increase

Let The Tribe Increase LP
(All the Madmen)
Initially with fold-out poster
Later repressed with blue cover

Let The Tribe Increase CD
(Broken Rekids distributed by
Mordam Records)
CD encompassing all the above tracks, a near complete discography of the Mob.

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