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 Crying Again / Youth 7" (Out to Lunch/All the Madmen)
 Witch Hunt / Stay 7" (All the Madmen)
 at least 4 different sleeves
 Let the Tribe Increase LP (All the Madmen)
 Initially with fold-out poster
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 No Doves Fly Here / I hear You Laughing 7" (Crass)
 The Mirror Breaks / Stay 7"
 (All the Madmen)
 Crying Again (Studio)/(Live)" 12" (All the Madmen)
 re-issue to 7" Live: Westbourne Park, London 25-6-83
 Live at the LMC LP (Cause for Concern)
 with Apostles bootleg 22-1-83
 handscreened mailer with Crying Again 12",
 Mirror Breaks 7", & Witch Hunt 7". 1987
 i-Ching Demo Tape
 No, No, No, Don't Drop Your Bombs On Us, They Hurt
 split live tape with Faction and D&V, recorded May 1983
 (Crass) CD of Crass records singles

 including "No Doves Fly Here". 1994

Important Dates

Toured Holland in '79 playing Amsterdam and Arnhelm

1980 - the lineup solidifies with Joseph taking over on drums

Played at Zig Zag, Westbourne Park when it was squatted by Crass, Conflict, Dirt, Apostles, Flux of Pink Indians, Faction, and about 15 other bands in 18-2-82

Last gig on 19-11-83 at Doncaster Co-Op Hall

All the Madmen Records was originally the label run buy The Mob in Somerset. It was then taken over by Alistar, and then by Rob from Faction after that.

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