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the mob. they new that the world was a place of doom, gloom, and despair, and thus sung songs of mourning for a dying world. greed, corruption, and pollution have blotted out all hope and optimism.

formed and disbanded during the early UK anarcho-punk scene, the mob defined dirge music in the punk genre with music so competent and unique from the one chord wonder bands, and possibly the most emotional, albeit negative, of any of their contemporaries like crass, conflict, and chumbawamba while still remaining political in their message. possibly the only other band to hold a torch to the despair and morbidity of the mob was rudimentary peni, another off-beat post-punk group who often shared the stage with the mob. they seemed more comrades to each other than any of the more positive-punk bands at the time. perhaps the southern death cult also shared a similiar vision. resources are rare for this esoteric and unfortunately overlooked band, but the same is true with most other morbid music. their most popular single on crass records was "no doves fly here". once the mob disbanded, curtis and josef portar formed blyth power who are still going today (without curtis but with josef), a folky rock punk band.


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