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Engineered by John Loder
Recorded and Mixed at Southern Studios
on April 9 + 10 1983

All Material C P Rudimentary Peni 1983

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A death rock masterpiece. From the first note to the last, a work from the irrevocably death-fixated. Absolutely flawless. Not one happy note or lyric to be found here, kids. The first song, 1/4 Dead, sets the horrific tone that is in place throughout the entire record. Many of the lyrics are autobiographical, exposing fully the despair and anger within Grant and Nick. Every song is in minor keys, giving a creepy movie soundtrack feel to the riffs. Once again, the Christian religion (particularly the Catholic Church) is burnt at the stake, and Nick's tortured-on-the-rack growls and droning funereal orations fit in perfectly. The drumming is fluid and astounding, whilst the guitar and bass take turns leering at one another. Every song is well-written and chilling; even the ones with political lyrics sound like dirges. Stunning, brilliant, and gothic in every sense of the word. Don't die before you get this record.

rudimentary peni

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1/4 dead (.mov/quicktime)
blissful myth
the psycho squat
rotten to the core
cosmic hearse (.mov/quicktime)
the cloud song
vampire state building
blasphemy squad
when you are a martian church
pig in a blanket
nothing but a nightmare
flesh crucifix
slimy member
love is not
radio schizo
happy farm
alice crucifies the paedophiles
army of jesus

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1/4 DEAD
3/4 of the world are starving, the rest are dead, overdosed on insensitivity, nail varnished to crosses.

It's escapists shit of a feeble kind- A fucked up institution for fucked up minds, Holy matrimony is a blissful myth- wholly based on tradition wholly based on bullshit, Think you love each other, Think you're so in touch-But it's the shit institution you love so much. Is your caring so stifled so perverted + sick- That you need vows + duties so that it won't slip? You make your love secure but what of respect?- Does it only exist as another truth to forget? So your limited caring is the best you can give- Smeared with lies+ traditions behind which you live, Holy matrimony is blissful myth- Wholly based on tradition wholly based on bullshit.

Couldn't stand Dummy + Maddy no more, that's why I had to go to the Psycho Squat, Now the fleas carry blood about my body, The winning spiel goes round + round, The mass debate never ends.

Have you realized that "Rock Stars" always seem to lie so much? John Lydon once said he cared, but he never really gave a fuck, said he'd use the money he made so that people could "have somewhere to go", but now he lives in the USA and snorts coke after the show- Why is it that "Rock Stars" always seem to lie so much? Joe Strummer once said he cared, but he never really gave a fuck, said he'd use the money he made to set up a radio station- to make the airwaves full of something more than shit, have you noticed we're still waiting?- You must realise that "Rock Stars" always seem to lie so much, some will always tell you that they care, but they don't really give a fuck, still you suckers don't ever learn that rock stars deal in money not truth, it's good business to exploit you, just look at Lydon or Strummer for proof.

Poppies are the opium of the people, you prefer poppies to people, you take pride in genocide, there are no poppies in the USA, there are no poppies in the USSR, poppy monopoly in the UK, poppy monopoly, OK, Poppies are the opium of the people.

Floating round the universe fucking in our cosmic hearse you know time don't ever end can't evade those dead zen men you're the meat in big buddha's dinner one day you'll eat us all up too one day is now.

The black cloud gathers + smothers my brain as I cry another tear in this struggle of pain, another hurdle to clear is it all the same? Is the conquest of pain my only aim?- The pain has got to stop it's eating into me my apathy upholds this misery this hatred for myself will destroy me if I don't start to give it the love it needs- have you ever realised you must love yourself if you don't how can you love anybody else? Nobody can reach you through your personal hell you'll just eat yourself away in your tortured shell.

What's that festering grotesque over there in a wheelchair, wheelchair, stifled in a stifled in a, straitjacket, straitjacket,self inflicted safety pin wounds, wounds is it punkoid? devoid? schizoid? mumbling? vampire state building is crumbling, crumbling, crumbling.

Blasphemy squad, thriving on hate, in the warfare state, like piss in a pod. -ch- Never forget, never ever forgive, wash your mouth out with pope. Death love god squad + the babies of christ, pin you all down, in their burial mound. -ch- Never forget, never ever forgive, wash your mouth out with pope. No need to feed, from corpus christi, no need to cower, inside you's the power. -ch-Never forget, never ever forgive, wash your mouth out with pope. Hairy white mouse + the rubber arch bish, the crazed entourage, their immoral barrage, they censored this line with a brick through my head, washed my mouth out with pope.

When you are a martian church, when the dust has settled, + you're born again, maybe as a martian church, maybe then you'll see, that your reality, was squashed into banality, when you are a martian church.

I tell you about the animals- how they suffer how they die, you try to hide guilty doubt- from me with an appeasing smile, you never want responsibility- for this murderous cruelty, the wasteful piles of blood-soaked bodies - you won't let your conscience see. Ask yourself what makes you want this- torn ripped flesh so desperately, are you worthy of having this suffering- brought about to fuel your greed??? not satisfied with killing animals- you're killing millions of people as well, as the numbers increase of those dying- in your man made 3rd world hell. Millions dying all the time- locked in your abbatoir of greed, whilst you destroy them + yourself- by taking much more than you need, there is no justice in this death- no illusion i'll let you hide behind, the tradition you use to hide animal murder- is nothing but a thin disguise.

No longer want to listen to your insane lies, or call for the blood of those who've died, or lust for the tears of another to be cried, no longer want to suffer this pain inside. No longer feel the need to crush all in sight, or play any part in a cruel + bitter fight, to maintain a blood stained curse of pride, no longer want to suffer this pain inside. No longer want to suffer this pain inside.

What's the point of living in your mindless life? What's the point of living in your mindless life? What's the point of dying in your mindless death? What's the point of living in your lifeless mind? Have you ever even had the thought of thinking? Or is it you're just ignorant + ignorant? Have you ever even had the thought of thinking? Pathetic fool trapped inside your skull. The pile of shit inside your brain in which you live- is not your own, you live out all the lies you're given- You're too scared to face yourself, You're too scared to face yourself- So you're too scared to please yourself, Living in your dreamworld is nothing but a- nightmare- Nothing but a nightmare.

Carnivores are like tombstones cremating animal carcasses creating animal shit coffins carnivores are like tombstones carnivores are flesh tombstones.

Grind your bones to make their bombs. Nothing so slimy as a member, or obscene as the prime cut, the real chaos merchant, severed head of state. Masters of disasters. With jingo + jargon, juggling with our jugulers, the iron lady cried, the people came to see, the rust blow down the street, morbid crowd.

Love is not your parents lies, it's a myth that they create, true expression you're denied, in their "love" it has no place, love is not your parents lies, do they really care for you? why then must they hide behind, duty + guilt that smothers you. Love is not your parents lies, strung up by hostility, never doubt that they're so kind, it's a sordid parody, love is not your parents lies, blackmail keeps you in your place, you can struggle you can try, but they won't see your real face. Love is not your parents lies, but you dare not face this fact, their pretence at paradise, keeps you down + holds you back, love is not your parents lies, smash the myth of unquestioned love, it's a role they hide behind, dumb pretence is not enough.

Transatlantic Titanic Freakshout, Radio schizo, New empire's devouring old, Radio schizo, The one's called sane wanna self destruct, Radio schizo, Peoples caught in poison webs, Radio schizo, Chains their brains to the media mains, Radio schizo, Fabel + label make your tower of Babel, Radio schizo.

As you walk out of the valium of death, a sad feeling limps around your brain, funny farmers sowing seeds of discontent, pumping nerve gas around unfeeling veins, war junkies perish in the wreckage, of their brains, mindward earthlings seek to change our path, stench crawling over the snow, bilious bodies terrorized by fastfood sugar demons, unhappy nuclear bomb-doubt families, meltdown in the melting tin pot boilers, another crutch splinters + snaps, time to heal the split atoms now, Happy Farm.

Smash cash smash trash, Not long now to the sub-teen revolution, The winding up's gone on too long, Babies bite back, Alice crucifies the paedophiles.

Stone the crows + fuck the pigs + pass the ammunition to Jesus- the holy ghost in mohawk hair has crept in every fucking where, ten tons of the babes foreskin + fifty-thousand skeletons of Jesus. Army Of Jesus. Tho' the world ate all your shits they're still allowed to starve the turin shroud can't cover up your evil-smelling cloud deliver us from Jesus, Forever + Ever, Bloody Men.

1902 inside a British concentration camp- where 20,000 Dutchmen, including children die. Do you feel any pity for these murdered men + women who died at the hand of the British Empire. -ch- Victims they may have been-But innocent they were not, they were murderers just the same-with their own code of hate. These Dutchmen carried rifles-went out hunting on horseback delighting in the slaughter-of a bigger kind of prey, taking part in the latest wave of genocide they found killing Zulus much more- fun than any other game. -ch- Victims they may have been-But innocent they were not, they were murderers just the same-with their own code of hate. These Zulu warriors felt so proud- of all the suffering they had caused, driven to a frenzy by the death hate- of tribal wars, bound up by their own morals- their own bigotry + lies + shit, it's just the same in- Northern Ireland, Poland + Afghanistan, they're just fighting for the right- to enforce their own oppression through the bigotry + blindness- of their moral law.