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Produced by Penny Zenvy & Rudimentary Peni
Engineered by John Loder
Recorded and Mixed at Southern Studios On March 27 & 28, 1892
All material © 1982 Rudimentary Peni

Outer Himilayan Records
P.O. Box 59
London N22 1AR
United Kingdom

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Aided by Grant, the lyrics turn more blatantly towards the political -cleverly written, not falling into the pit of punk banality- but still as despondent as ever. Organised religion is crucified on a few tracks, as well male/female gender role sterotypes, and the enemy of all punx everywhere, societal conformity. The macabre seems to be on the backburner on this one, being present only once in a morbid anti-war rant, Bloody Jellies. This time, the vocals sound a bit different, and Nick's voice cracks in several places, in a seemingly belated puberty. The effect is charming. Lyrically, he contributes a childhood paranoid delusion (Only Human), and more streams-of-consciousness. Musically, they begin to seriously delve into minor keys, making the riffs as cheerless as the words put to them. The beats are varied, some as fast as the first E.P., but others are slowed down in a sinister style. There's a great interlude towards the end of the second side: booming drums, sepentine bassline, odd guitar sounds, and exorcism backwards spoken word. Eerie. A foreshadowing of what is yet to come...

rudimentary peni

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cosmetic plague
subdued violence
only human
the bile ball
farce (.mov/qiucktime)
bloody jellies
mice race
defined by age
zero again




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God is nothing more than an obsessive lie, while sunday school children are brainwashed into line, and presented with as truth what's really just a lie, another childs' self belief is sacrificed, in the eyes of the lord, men are his servants, in the eyes of the lord, women are mens' servants, in the eyes of the lord, we're authority's servants, in the eyes of the lord, everyone's a servant, sexual roles perversely glorified, beyond virgin motherhood, all status is denied, but starvation and death's the real testiment to the truth of the god your bible represents.

Being honest is no means of survival, avoid your inner-feelings like the plague, this is what it takes to comply with the images this structure will accomodate, but things aren't what they seem when they're partially hidden behind walls of pretence built for peace of mind, the barriers between us are forever maintained by our acceptance of the roles others choose to define in a world of competition life's portrayed as a contest where we're forced to live by making gains at others expense, but no-one's really gaining when perpetual conflict's the result of our relationships based on pretence, we don't need this cultural cosmetic division it upholds the self interest on which the system feeds, a deconditioned consciousness of mutual respect is the only way to cure this cosmetic disease.

Let's find someone we can blame it all on some one so stupid they can't see pull out each hair one by one by three sick old frail worm claustraphobia suck suck suck suck the puss holes dry hate noise hate you agrophobia punch kapow now how bang down de door mediocre idiocy harlequin acting girl dreams could be the root of a passable growth treated as a child how are children treated broken arms broken brains it's not a bit funny minor dramas minor life closed mind case history pretension mystery don't mention it pathetic past future forever future for never white feather apprenticed weather seller fight for light and you'll get dark.

Hey you yea you you're the only human eveyone's an alien save you save you we're malevolent malignant tumours suckling on your body preying on your mind never mind dissecting your soul spirit being or whatever we've your whole life videoed your womb sub-life childhood adolescence adulthood old age.

A stagnant pool of bile contains as much interest as the bible and is much less harmful and is much more helpful and is much more reverened and is much more irreverent.

She is such a pretty girl her shape fits well into a mould her mind removed her body's sold she does exactly what she's told and he is such a brave young man if his brain can't then violence can his mind was drained since life began of the compassion he once had why go on living in the past we just uphold the sexual farce past is past is past is farce why go on living in the past if air to breathe is hard to find in her tight mould she doesn't mind she fits in well she's one of a kind her processed mind upholds the lies and he in turn plays out the part we tempted him with from the start and she in turn plays out the part dictated to her by the past.

There will be no coffins when you and I die no consecrated ground a sin to end all sins and angels with scorched wings and if the thought of this stings sorry god there's no coffins just bloody jellies glance at the nice town see the war plan it owns there will be mass graves so I want my death-grant 30 pounds in advance buy now don't leave to chance at least it's the final kill this their creation to purify the planet a new beginning no it's not destruction.

Dawn breaks but it isn't a new day men like sheep women like mice all caught in the rat race take a closer look at what's going on today are you really justified in having nothing to say are you not aware of a feeling of humiliation don't you have to sell yourself and keep on saying sir are you really satisfied that everything's ok conditioned from the start and controlled from all directions swamped by a normality that musn't be questioned ignorance is only a form of self-deception are you really justified in having nothing to say take a closer look at what's going on today are you really satisfied that everything's ok perhaps sfter all too much thinking doesn't pay.

The gap between young and old exists because it's what we're told the older generation or the youth of today views and actions defined by age the complacency of middle age false dignity moral outrage is just the same as the teenage rebel pose another source of money making manipulation exploitation a gap is nothing an empty space in your mind defined by age fill the space defined by age.

The end of the line where zero's the sign a hole in the mind deaf dumb and blind nothing to cry not even an eye zero again the end of no end a vacant space lacks a familiar face an unknown face finds a vacant space the memory killed by a hole soon filled zero again there remain no remains death has begun and jesus loves no-one.

You have a bubble of hope you live inside you're surrounded by tokens and symbols of hope it's your choice ok but I won't follow smug in your bubble of hope pop goes the bubble the rubber bubble of hope choke on hope I'll shrivel outside de-hydrated pride seeps from a glue bag society's glue bag smothers.