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INTERVIEW 2 September 19, 1992
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Interviewed by transatlantic call (L.A. to London) on September 19, 1992 at 3:00 a.m. Interview by Cake.

CAKE: Hi, Nick how are you doing?

NICK: Ok...

CAKE: I wart to thank you for agreeing to do this interview and, as I understand, you've never done an interview before. Is that correct?

NICK: That's right, yeah.

CAKE: What's been happening with Rudimentary PENI since "Cacophony" was released (in early 1989)?

NICK: Well, I've been a bit ill since then and we haven't managed to get it together.

CAKE: I see... I also heard that Grant and Jon sent Steve Albini some tapes of them playing bass and drums for project. Do you [know] the status of that project?

NICK: Um... It's still with Steve Albini at the moment, I think. Whether or not he he's done anything with it I don't know.

CAKE: So, it's pretty much "up in the air" still then?

NICK: Yeah, quite a while while ago now actually.

CAKE: I've been in touch with John (Loder, the producer) for a while and was wondering what caused you to start working on a third album? Is there any motivation in particular?

NICK: Ah, yes... there's my illness, see... some experiences that I've had to do.

CAKE: Anything in particular? Is there a theme?

NICK: Delusions.

CAKE: Delusions?

NICK: Yes, I suffer these delusions and I thought that I could proffit artistically from it you know?

CAKE: I see... almost like the big poster from "Death Church" or something like that?

NICK: No, delusions.

CAKE: In your mind, you mean?

NICK: Yeah

CAKE: So, it's going to be based on delusions. Grant was the motivating force behind the early Rudimentary PENI material (two e.p.'s and "Death Church"). What caused you. to take over as the lyricist for "Cacophony"?

NICK: Well, I thought that Grant felt that his lyrics weren't relevant anymore or something. But I think they are. I think people relate to his lyrics.

CAKE: I think that's true because I really enjoy the early material, as well. Your last album was really great... the way that it was put together and produced. It's a pretty incredible piece of work. I heard from John that it was all done in one take.

NICK: Yeah.

CAKE: That's pretty amazing. You must have done a lot of practicing to do it that well. Basically. the album was based on H.P. Lovecraft as I understand it. Any couple of novels in particular that it's based on?

NICK: It's just this sort of thing where, this kind of cult where you get into H.P. Lovecraft and you buy as many books on him as you can and I think I found out more about him than I've known about anybody else before since I've read so much about him. So, I felt that it would be a good idea to put that to use.

CAKE: I see. And the voices voices that you use on the album, the different voices... how did you learn to do that? I mean, that's really good mimicking you do there on "Cacophony"?

NICK: Um...

CAKE: Watching TV?

NICK: Yeah, I guess so.

CAKE:: I really I like the way that you poke fun at host shows ("An anarchist/ a gun/ an athlete, etc")

NICK: Right

CAKE: That's just totally brilliant. If you ever needed a job working as a voiceover in commercials, I'm sure that they'd give it to you.

NICK: Yeah, I can't do that anymore. It's like Jon... he says that he can't play to the first e.p. as fast as he could , but I'll try and coax him to do it.

CAKE: Well, you goys aren't that old, are you?

NICK: Thirtysomething!

CAKE: Oh! That's still young, though.

NICK: Yeah.

CAKE: Did you write any of the songs from 1980 to 1983?

NICK: Did I write 'em?

CAKE: Yeah.

NICK: "Media Person' and "Hearse".

CAKE: Those are pretty great songs, You know the stuff isn't on cassette and I always find myself making tapes and blasting it out of my car's stereo. I like the annoying look on people's faces when they're playing BON JOVI and all of a sudden.... BLLAGGGGGG !

NICK: Haa!! Haa!!

CAKE It's quite a change of pace. What caused you to form RUDIMETARY PENI? What bands tickled your fancy? The SEX PISTOLS and CLASH were mentioned before in interviews...

NICK: I'm not so much into the CLASH though I saw the PISTOLS once and they are obviously the most recent influence on me. A lot of old bands as well...

CAKE: How about the GERMS?

NICK: Who?

CAKE: The GERMS. They were an LA punk band.

NICK:: Oh, yeah! I've heard of them, but I haven't heard their stuff... Ah, I have heard their stuff actually. They were very good. yeah.

CAKE: Are you aware of the live bootleg that came out in 1990? The one that said "Proceeds will go to fighting animal abuse"?

CAKE: It's a seven inch e.p. that I found in San Francisco. I couldn't believe it and somebody obviously tried to make money off the band. The cover looks exactly like your artwork?

NICK: Oh, yeah?

CAKE: ...but not as complex. Have you heard of that?

NICK: No, but I'd like to see that!

CAKE: If I ever come across another copy, I'll send it to you.

NICK: Thanks.

CAKE: I've also come across four live tapes from 1982.

NICK: Yeah, I think John told me about that.

CAKE: What inspired your elaborate sketches in the two early E.P.'s and in "Death Church"? It looks like it took you a year to do that poster.

NICK:: Yeah, I was trying to be as most origional as I could because I saw this exhibition called THE OUTSOUTSIDERS which was done by people from asylums and hospitals and prisons and if anything is work that work is work, I think.

CAKE: Yes, it is!

NICK: It's so much suffering encapsulated into it and also to be as origional as l could.

CAKE: Was Dali an influence in any of that?


CAKE: I said that because A lot of your work looks very Daliesque espicially the religious imagery. Was it because upbringing was quite religious and you were rebelling against it?

NICK: No, not at all.

CAKE: Oh. that's good I was...

NICK: Yeah?

CAKE: I was raised a Roman Catholic...

NICK: What? Strict?

CAKE: Strict.

NICK: Yeah, Dali turned towards religious art during his final years.

CAKE: I think, that his best quote is "The only difference between a madman and myself is that I am not mad."

NICK: Yeah.

CAKE: In comparison to a 1982 interview with Grant which appeared in "Blast", a Scottish fanzine, you guys listened to - bands like MINOR THREAT, GANG GREEN and PART ONE. What do you listen to now? What type of music?

NICK: Um, I don't listen to music much anymore.

CAKE: If you were listening to a particular type of music what would it be?

NICK: Punk, I suppose. That's what I would listen to.

CAKE: How did your connection with SEPTIC DEATH and PART ONE come about?

NICK: I used to write to Pushead for a long time and PART ONE wanted me to do their back cover. Did the SEPTIC DEATH album come out yet?

CAKE: Well, I know of a single of them that you did the label drawing for... [Actually at press time they had released a CD compilation on Toy Factory Records. "Theme From Ozobozo"]

NICK: l'm planning on doing a chronological curtain(?) drawing for the next album.

CAKE: For the next PENl album?

NICK: Yeah

CAKE: Great. When is that going to come out, you think?

NICK: Oh, I dont know. We haven't recorded it yet.

CAKE: But it could come out early next year?

NICK: Yeah.. could be.

CAKE: Do you think that Rudimentary PENI will ever play another show live?

NICK: Maybe. Maybe. One or two maybe.

CAKE: Would you ever want to come to the U.S.?

NICK: Could be... Yeah.

CAKE: Back in 1984 Rudimentary Peni were supposed to play a show until Grant was diagnosed with cancer.

NICK: Yeah.

CAKE: I have a suggestion, if RUDIMENTARY PENi played with FUGAZI or Bad Religion[???] then that would be quite a show.

NICK: Yeah!

CAKE: Any bands in England that you would tour with?

NICK: I don't think that we would tour. I think we would play just one or two shows. Cabs: If you do play in the U.S. make sure it's L.A. I have a friend who says he would pay one hundred dollars to see RUDIMENTARY PENI.

NICK: Ha! Ha! Ha!

CAKE: There's also a cult in San Diego called the O.C., PENI and all they do is skate around and and listen listen to RUDIMENTARY PENl so people do like your music here. In fact I seem to see more PENI shirts here than say MUDHONEY ones.

NICK: Really? What are the shirts like? Are they good art?

CAKE: Yeah, One of them is the cover of the first e.p. Are you disillusioned with the world today and all its political bullshit?

NICK: I try not to think about it.

CAKE: How many shows did you play with PENI before "Death Church"?

NICK: About twenty-six.

CAKE: What's the song "Cosmic Hearse about? I figured that it would be about God or U.F.0.'s?

NICK: No, not really. It's just words put together.

CAKE: How about "Cacophony"? The lyrics seem to be very Shakespearean.

NICK: Well, I wanted to do Shakespearean things on it. They're actually in H.P. Lovecraft. I put quotation marks on it, but it didn't reach the lyric sheet...

CAKE: Are there any photos of the band that exist?

NICK: Yeah. Pushead had some in his magazine.

CAKE: How can people reach you?

NICK: There's a PO BOX on the back of "Cacophony".

CAKE: Could you possibly send us some artwork for publication?

NICK: Sure.

CAKE: Thanks.


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