nick blinko
nick blinko

rudimentary peni

In the Year of Our Lord 1980, there arose a strange specter from Hertfordshire county in England. It continues to haunt us to this day, and any efforts to exorcise it are hopeless, for it always returns in a form more frightening than when it last appeared. It is known as Rudimentary Peni.

This grotesque entity is an unholy trinity: Grant Matthews/Bland on bass; Jon Grenville on drums, and a mysterious schizoid named Nick Blinko on vocals and guitar.

We at Deathrock are here to set the record straight on this band. True, they were involved in the Anarchopunk movement (i.e. Crass Records), but only in a transient manner.

They are first and foremost a band dedicated to conjuring images of doom and gloom. Nick Blinko has described himself as "dressed entirely in black...on the darker, Gothic side of Romantic", and the band as "gothic". A quick perusal of their lyrics demonstrates this, with such topics as coffins, corpses, suicidal depression, hearses, and death in its various forms. While they did have some song lyrics of a more political nature (yet still juxtaposed with the macabre in most cases), this was largely due to bassist Grant's teenage delvings into the scene, and were not written by Nick, nor endorsed by drummer Jon, who was "not even a vegetarian". So all those thoughts about Peni being a major Anarchist group should be firmly put to rest and buried.

All quotations are taken from Nick Blinko's book, The Primal Screamer.