Nick Blinko, through an active avoidance of the press and even live performances remains a mystery, thus does Rudimentary Peni. Yet through semi-regular releases they make their mark still today. Nick Blinko's history, from what can be peiced together, is a colorful one, albeit in shades of grey. The book "Primal Screamer" is a fictional auto-biography, and after reading it, one wonders just what is based on truth, and to what degree, and what is total fantasy.

The facts are only able to be peiced together from his artistic history. The timeline below shows a partially incomplete listing.

pre 1980 The Magits
Featured Nick on keyboards and Martin Cooper on vocals, which was very dark, abbrasive, and primordial.
1981 - Rudimentary Peni
Nicks First EP with RP. Self Produced at a bargain studio.
1982 - Farce
Second EP by RP, this time produced at Southern Studios for Crass, with much better production and organization.
1983 - Death Church
RP's debut LP is a landmark in the punk scene and makes a heavy impact in the US as well. RP's distinct style sets them apart. However, Nick's friend Grant, Bassist for RP is stricken with cancer.
1984 - Live (Bootleg)
A live 7" appears featuring Rudimentary Peni at one of their early shows. The cover features immitation artwork of Nick Blinko's. Proceeds are claimed to go towards Animal Rights.
1985 - Part 1 (Side Project w/ Artwork)
Part 1, a Pusmort (Pushead) release, uses Nick Blinko's art for the rear cover of their EP.
1987 - Cacophony
After Grant's battle with cancer is apparently succesful, RP are back with a full studio release based on the tales of Lovecraft. It's surreal subject matter and sound marks a dividing point, as some fans find it too weird, while others only become even more fascinated.
1995 -

Pope Adrian the 37th Psychiatric
Another long silence is shattered. Proportedly released after Nicks stay in a mental institution, where the inspiration came from. The songs are longer, heavier, and more brooding.

Sometime around now I believe, One of Nick's only full color works appears on the cover of an art Magazine. Coil, another dark and important band uses this peice for the cover to their "Unnatural History III" collection.

1998 - Echoes of Anguish
Nick Blinko takes a back seat to the writing of new material, allowing Grant to come up with the most of it. There is an apparent sound change, though it is not dissapointing. Although Peni's albums become a major outlet for Blinko's illustrations, with booklets of intense drawings accompanying releases since Pope Adrian, he continues to sell prints and originals, as well as participate in art shows and galleries around the world.
2000 - The Underclass
Proving they can withstand the Millenium, Peni return with a new EP length LP again mainly written by Grant. Shows a return to traditional RP sounds with a mature growth. Again the release is a showcase for some of Nick's latest artwork.