True Sounds Of Liberty - one of the original California hardcore punk bands, mixed punk goth, glokm & doom, and ghoul rock beginning with the "Weathered Statues" single, next releasing the deathrock classic "Dance With Me" album. Their earliest release was the "TSOL" EP - anarchistic (and political), wild and loud, fast punk, OC style. They appeared in the 1982 Penelope Spheeris film "Suburbia". They remained a favorite to many punk rockers in the Orange County scene, constantly switching labels, and Jack, the original lead singer constantly switching his name.

"Beneath the Shadows" led to synthy art punk, and then a return to punkish rock again with an new singer and drummer for the album "Change Today" (and a track on the deathrock sampler album, "The Return of the Living Dead" Soundtrack), with a painful descent to thrash and blues metal with "Hit and Run" and "Revenge" afterwards. Avoid those last two unless trash like Guns and Roses appeals to you.

Now the original TSOL has reformed with Jack singing again, playing songs like "Code Blue" and "Abolish Government". The new original TSOL debuted on the 1999 Social Chaos tour, and have been playing ever since. Word has it that a new album will be recorded. It will be released in July, and is called 'Disappear'.

TSOL - Disappear - the new album

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