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This interview was taken from an issue of Flipside Magazine. This was after Jack and Todd (the original singer and drummer) left the band, and Change Today was released (with Joe singing).
TSOL were interviewed by Al and Frank in April at Ron's house in Anaheim.
AL: Since our last interview you guys had a different singer and drummer and you had keyboards briefly...
Mike: It wasn't Todd so much as Jack. Jack drifted away from the original ideas a lot and it called the break up of the band. Actually, Ron and I never broke up the band...
Ron: I just said I would never play with Jack...
Mike: So, Ron and I kept playing and we never thought it was a new TSOL reforming, but people kept calling it that, so why not. Todd got in a car crash and the law caught up with him, so he didn't want to do it.
Al: How do you think the band is different from the old one?
Mike: In the beginning, the old band was a lot similar to this band. Everyone contributed.
Ron: At the end, Jack wouldn't accept any words that we'd write. He would say, I'm the singer, everything I write gets played.

Frank: Did you have a hard time at first getting accepted as the new singer?
Joe: Yeah, it was tough, but I was always into this band. The kids never went to my face, but I heard all the crap. They want to have fun and if we sound good and play hard and sweat, then, weather they like us or not the will respect us for trying.
Al: What are some of the new songs about?
Mike: All the songs deal with personal liberty and things that enter your life everyday. Different points of view and things that strike us--nothing fictitious or ridiculous. I can't be up there playing a song if it's about something that doesn't have to do with anything. This band is really new and we're having fun.We've done thirty or forty shows already. Some bands will play the same songs throughout ten different line ups. The only old songs we do play either Ron or I wrote. Maybe later down the road we'll do some old ones. I think the people like the new material. Now that the records out, only time will tell. We're all going to tour together. Everyone gets the same pay every night. No one is pulling in more than another. It's a real productive, healthy

thing. It's the best work situation we've had yet.
Ron: A lot of bands ask us how we get on shows and how we tour. You just do it. Don't sit there and wonder why you can't do it. People aren't coming to you; you have to go out and do it. And the whole scene is cool and it's getting bigger all the time. There's places all over the country. There will always be a need for entertainment and to get out aggression.
Mike: We have a lot of freedom. Everything we want is honest... Everything we want is honest...


If you guys want to write a song, you can sing it.
Mike: That wasn't True Sounds of Liberty at all. At one point, he was talking about changing the name of the band to The Voice. The band is always changing. We felt that keyboards weren't a cop out because there's a million different flavors to music and we didn't want to feel tied down to one thing. This band is back to the original ideal of being able to do anything we want. We're strongly into a really rocky kind of thing right now, rootsy...
Ron: But it's not all one style. We have a set of about twenty songs already.
Mike: Now, we're used to each other too. Joe will throw a melody line in a song and we will come up with the music... We have to slow down. We already have twelve songs recorded besides whats on the new album.

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