I can hear the sounds of laughter
Could it be theyÕre laughing at me
I can hear the roar of thunder
IÕm mad IÕm deranged I see
Clown in costumes voices that carry
Their message to my mind
IÕm Like a child so young and carefree
My eyes see what they want to see
Lights are flashing. Colors are blurring
There are patterns in my mind
Things are hidden to the world around me
But still they say IÕm blind
Wrap me up in a web of lies
Meet the man whoÕs locked inside
IÕm too many people in too many places
IÕve a split personality

I never got along with the girls at my school
Filling me up with all their morals and their rules
TheyÕd pile all their problems on my head
IÕd rather go out and fuck the dead
ÔCause I can do what I want and they wonÕt complain
I wanna fuck I wanna fuck the dead
Middle of the night so silently
I creep on over to the mortuary
Lift up the casket and fiddle with the dead
Their cold blue flesh makes me turn red
ÔCause I can do what I want and they wonÕt complain
I wanna fuck I wanna fuck the dead
And I donÕt even care how she died...
But I like it better if she smells of formaldehyde!
Never on the rag or say leave me alone
They donÕt scream and they donÕt moan
DonÕt even cry if I shoot in their hair
Lying on the table she smiles and she stares

We met two men from other sides, on a walk down by the river side
Trigger finger itching to see some action, he would tell me what IÕd need to know
On a mission sent by the high command, proceed with caution this manÕs dangerous
Double agent works for the other side, get what you can then terminate his life Reached for his lugger but I drew mine first
YouÕre a better man than I were his last words
YouÕre a better man than I were his last words
YouÕre a better man than I were his last words
Was I really?
I thought about it on my way home, dingy room in a rundown hotel
Thought about who I really was, where I am from, where IÕm heading to It never really bothered me this way,
I guess I got the secret agent blues
All this killingÕs really got me down, I got the secret agent blues I give in just canÕt stand it no more, I resign HereÕs my badge and gun
But you canÕt quit like that with us, youÕre a traitor and must be disposed of
TheyÕve reached for their weapons but I drew mine first
Others will come for you were their last words
Others will come for you were their last words
Others will come for you were their last words
I will be waiting
IÕm hit up once or twice a week, always different places and faces
Getting so tired I canÕt even sleep, will they ever come for me again
So tired of all this running around, getting edgy playing hide and seek
CanÕt take it got to get away but thereÕs no way out but death

80 times was all it took for him he has no more tries
No one seems to care too much for him
You can see it in his eyes
Drive down the street that heÕs on
DonÕt look his way
You keep going on and on and on
But you canÕt hear him say
Help Help
Help Me
Help Help

IÕm tired of looking (ItÕs not in my vision)
IÕm tired of seeing (DonÕt wanna see this)
IÕm tired of hearing (DonÕt tell me your shit)
IÕm tired of being (So why am I here?)
IÕm tired of life (And all of its jokes)
Imaginary lines (To fool the fools)
Imaginary rules (To live your life by)
And all the worldsÕ fools
Life is so easy when youÕre told what to do
Where to work and how to be you
But the jokes wears off and youÕre still laughing
Caught in your own trap and youÕre all happy
Too stupid to know it (Just try use your head)
Too stupid to care (YouÕve all been fooled)
Just one voice screaming (???)
Just one in a million (A little speck of flesh)
WhoÕs gonna hear it (Scream till you die)
WhoÕs gonna know it (Your conscience your mind)
Who even cares (No one but yourself)
ItÕs hopeless (YouÕre hopeless)
because of the process, because of the system, because youÕre still laughing, because you donÕt listen, because of the process, because of the system, because youÕre still laughing, because you donÕt listen

Last night I lay awake
My eyes were dry with the pain
Sometimes I wish that I would just die
To save me from seeing you again
I knew you used me but I didnÕt care
I was happy just being together
Well sometimes I wonder if I should be with you
All you ever do is ignore me
You never talk when your friends are around
Too bitchen to see you with me
WonÕt call wonÕt waste your time
Too busy to send your love to me
That time I held you so tight in my arms
Just wishing the night wasnÕt ending
ThatÕs when you said you couldnÕt see me
I thought our love was just beginning
Forever is just that but with you it ends
Though youÕre in mind as I lay here
CanÕt stand it no longer IÕve gotta give in
I call you again and again and again

IÕm the cobwebbed stairs, the ancient bones
IÕm the shadow rippling cobblestones,
IÕm the stagnant swamp, the black lagoon
IÕm the branches scratching at the moon
IÕm the funeral service, the unknown mourner
IÕm the demon cowering in the corner
IÕm the sextonÕs spade, the new thrown clay
IÕm whatÕs left when they walk away
IÕm the ebony coffin, satin lining
Pale thin lips in the back room dying
Pale thin lips in the back room dying
IÕm the walking dead, the fly by night
IÕm the last of the fading light
I'm the unbarred door, the open encasement
IÕm the stairs leading down to the basement
The four post bed, the let down hair
IÕm the cross that you forgot to wear
IÕm the highest voltage, the shining slab
The crack of midnight in the doctorÕs lab
IÕm the night before, the morning after
Echoing of the baronÕs laughter
Echoing of the baronÕs laughter
IÕm Jonathan Harker, IÕm LucyÕs trance
Elegant countÕs hypnotic glance
IÕm the wooden mallet, the sharpened stake
IÕm the precautions you forgot to take
IÕm the mummyÕs curse, the passing bell
IÕm the fortune they wouldnÕt tell
IÕm pyromania, Transylvania IÕm out of breath,
IÕm worse than death
IÕm the late night air, exhilarating
IÕm with you in the darkness, waiting

Cry above the nameless grave
But all thatÕs there is motionless
Angels sob with verminÕs fangs
A funeral dirge drifts slowly by
Puppets they who come and go
And laugh but smile no more
Evil things in robes of sorrow
They are neither man nor woman
Hear the menace of their tones
In the silent watch of the night

They never knew me
Until they needed me
ThatÕs when they called on the phone for me
One life you give it to your country
Somehow I knew they were lying to me
IÕm a number-not a name
IÕm a pawn-in their game
They took me to their factory
They made a robot outta me
Learned to kill so swiftly
How to die with dignity

A lonely teenage daydream
Of things that I might have been
A surreal kind of thinking
Keeps drifting in on me
The Remington Electric
IÕm banging on its keys
The words appear before me
Their meaningÕs guaranteed
A foreboding gloom upon us
Of death ribbons and bows
A gift to our generation from the men who have gone before
My twisted body is lifeless
Not so their twisted minds
Peace through power is their motto
Power through peace is their crime
A sadistic smile spreads across my face
Amid my mournful wail
For although they killed a world
Their fate was also sealed

Dance with me my dear
On a floor of bones and skulls
The music is our master
The devil controls our souls
Swirling and swirling
With the music all our turning
Swaying to the sounds of a demonic beat
All our dead partners
As we walk into the crypt
Frightening but delighting
Our host unearthly gloom
Cold blood in my veins roars
IÕve been too long uncaged
My bodyÕs in wild convulsions
As IÕm falling into the dust
A ring of death is on me
Like a halo to the Gods
IÕm bathed in mortal sorrow
My innocence is lost

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