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TSOL - Thoughts of Yesterday
Posh Boy 1988
Rhino 1992

Thoughts of Yesterday takes TSOL's first EP and the "Weathered Statues" 7" and makes them available on CD, a true blessing.

The first EP released by TSOL is as hard hitting punk rock as anything DI, Adolescents or the Circle Jerks (though lower profile) were putting out, including anarchistic vocals. the goth punk theme hadn't yet emerged - this is raw hardcore punk. While exactly what tracks were contained on the "
Weathered Statues" 7" (recorded after the deathpunk album "Dance with Me") escapes me, the song "Weathered Statues" itself is certainly an addition to the goth punk sound of TSOL.

Also on this disc is the band Tender Fury's (TSOL's singer Jack Grisham and drummer Todd Barnes) first album. I won't bother explaining this lame rock trash.

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