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UK Decay (split)
The Black 45 EP
For My Country
Unexpected Guest
For Madmen Only
Rising From the Dread
Night For Celebration


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•UK Decay
•Car Crash

UK Decay/Pneumonia split single 1979. Plastic Records
UK Decay's first release in the UK - Two songs "UK Decay" and "Car Crash". Pneumonia, which had Spon as a member as well, do two tracks on the other side of this split 7". True DIY job with hand stamped labels and fold-open stapled cover! Pneumonia was Spon's band before DK convinced him to switch over (Abbo was on guitar before).

UK DK Black
•The Black Cat
•Disco Romance
•Message Distortion
•Middle of the Road Man

The Black 45 e.p. 7" EP 1979 Fresh Records*
This may well be one of the earliest punk records to romanticize the darkside (aside from the Damned whose darkside was always somewhat latent), the "gothic" side by singing of witch craft (The Black Cat) and using haunting gothic imagery. For the most part though all of the songs deal with social and political issues, such as media manipulation (Message Distortion) and brainless disco/yuppies. This is the bulk of UK Decay's earliest material on one EP. Personaly I think that the tracks on the previous split 7" were much more precise and energetic, but this is a gem.

*re-issued on UK Decay records after the band split.


For My Country Q

For My Country / Unwind 7" EP 1979 Fresh Records*
"For My Country" is an upbeat, anthemic song that probably gave them a lot of popularity in the punk scene do to its straightforward anti-political/nationalism. It got them their only US tour with the Dead Kennedys. It is musically reminiscent of the reggae part of punk rocks roots and the Clash. This song was featured on the "Punk and Disorderly #I" compilation.

*re-issued on UK Decay records after the band split.

Peel Sessions

In April of 1980, UK Decay recorded for John Peel's legendary radio show. "Rising From the Dread", "Unwind Tonight", "For my Country", and "Sexual".

Unexpected Guest Q
Dresden Q

Unexpected Guest / Dresden single 1981
"Unexpected Guest", a single from "For Madmen Only", though a different version. This is a brooding song that signals UK Decay's transmogrification into a literally gothic oriented sound and lyrical style. But the theatrics of UK Decay had been moving them in this direction for some time.

"Dresden", about war criminals not being brought to justice, is a strict B-side and does not appear on "For Madmen Only".

'Dresden' is about war crimes but not in the way you mean - The [BRITISH] Royal Air Force dropped tons of incendiary bombs on the German city of Dresden during WWII, which had no military or strategic importance creating a fire storm which incinerated practically the whole population.


Bassist Segovia played for both tracks but is thanked in the credits "RIP" - Not actually dead, he left to get married.

Another Session with John Peel
UK Decay record four more songs for John Peel, "Last in the House of Flames", "Glass Ice", "Stage Struck", and "Duel". Dutch is their new bassist replacing deceases Martin "Segovia" Smith and temporary replacement Lol.

•Twist in the Tale

Sexual/Twist in the Tale single 1981 Fresh Records
Featuring "Sexual" from thier LP (next), and B-side "Twist in the Tale", a non-LP track. New bassist Eddie Branch
, "Twiggy". The cover of Sexual is a detail from 'Diana of Ephesus' by Aristide Sartorio.

•Battle of the Elements
•Stage Struck
•Last in the House of Flames

Unexpected GuestQ
•Mayday Malady
•For Madmen Only

For Madmen Only LP 1981 Fresh Records
Their only full album. Bassist Segovia left the band halfway through the recording process for a joband a wife, replaced for gigs by Lol from another Luton band, the Statics, then Creeton (from the USA tour) who played on half of this album, and then Eddie Branch (Twiggy) on the other half. Eddie would be their permanent bassist from here on in. He also played breifly with Kommunity FK years later, and more steadily, Peter Murphy. The music is both atmospheric and high energy and complex, an obvious graduation from typical punk music. This is one of the best albums to get for a punk/goth crossover. Songs "Duel" and "Dorian" while complete opposites of each other are two standout tracks, not to mention "Sexual" and "For Madmen Only".

The cover painting is 'The Disintegration of Faith' by Dutch artist Jan Toorop.


•Jerusalem Over
(The White Cliffs of Dover)
•Rising from the Dead
Testament Q

Rising From the Dread 12" EP 1982
Finally departing Fresh Records, UK Decay records their last EP with Corpus Christi, the famous label of Crass, which featured Rudimentary Peni, The Mob, Flux of Pink Indians, etc... The song "Testament" would be made popular years later by Jungle/Cleopatra's Gothic Rock compilation. That song in fact is a unique composition by UK Decay, and one of their best. Not since "For my Country" had any of UK Decay's songs been so fluidly composed and truly earning them the gothic association. The opening track, "Werewolf", is a side long epic of the bestial horror of humanity and superb. "Rising from the Dead" continues to harass modern justice and media through gothic eyes - returning from the dead. This is UK Decay's best and unfortunately last recording. Also hard to find. Beware of Crass Records collectors, who've made this record extremely desirable!

a night for celebration

Side A:
 •Stage Struck
 •Rising From The Dead
 •Twist In The Tale
Side B:
 •Unexpected Guest
 •Black Cat
 •UK Decay
 •For My Country

Night For Celebration official live cassette
Published by UK Decay Records. Cassette Reference DK6. Recorded live at Hammersmith Klub Foot on 30 December 1982 with Abbo/vocals - Twiggy/bass - Spon/guitar - Steven/drums Grizz at the controls, and Thanks to John Loder. p. UK Decay 1981 c. 1981 Cherry Red. interesting to see a new track not featured on any of the other recordings, "Barbarian, Barbarians". Thanks to Nick Gough for donating this information, and Alexander Pohle for the cover.


Gothic Rock #1
(click to buy on CDNOW)
Cleopatra's legendary compilation. UK Decay appears with a single track, "Testament" from their EP entitled "Rising from the Dread". Click Here for more info on the Gothic Rock compilations.

Punk and Disorderly #1
A collection of both British and American punk bands, including among others Channel 3, The Dead Kennedys, and the Addicts. "For My Country" appears on this comp. There were several more volumes of Punk and Disorderly compilations, though predominantly British, all rather good, but no more UK Decay.

The Whip (Original)

The Whip

"Slavedrive" appeared on the "Whip" compilation, a project of Dave Roberts (of Sex Gang Children), designed for bands to do something unusual. Was repressed by Jungle/Cleopatra.
Click Here for more info on The Whip

Slavedrive Q



There are videos for "Unexpected Guest", "Sexual" and "Werewolf" supposedly, though I've not encountered anyone who's seen them.
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