UK Decay lyrics

UK Decay | The Black 45 EP | For Madmen Only | Rising From the Dread

The Black 45 EP

Disco Romance
The disco zombies rotate around
The roundabout of romance
"End another disco romance
Time to move on to a new


Middle of the Road Man
The record companies favourite boy
Nice hair, nice teeth, nice personality
"You make his decisions, he's devoid of recognition
The sweet talking, nice walking so smooth
White toothed, middle of the road man"
Tony Blackburns favourite boy
Are you his favourite boy?
Black Cat

"Have we not a perpetual inclination,
in the teeth of our best judgment
to violate that which is law,
merely because we understand it to be such?"

EA Poe

The recurring crime
The memory - it's still haunting me
The black cat's revenge - the table's turned
Red eye socket burns
But will the torment end?

Message Distortion
Rearranged conveniently
Shown what they want to see
A message distortion
It'll only ruin the story
If it stinks of reality
A message distortion
To ease you mental contortion
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