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Sexual / Twist In The Tale (single)

SEXUAL (Exactly the same as on the LP)


Marching side by side
Through the yellowed pages
A hundred thousand million eyes
Accept the deception
Of times gone by

Nostalgia Š petty chat
Aphrodisiac for
Time and time again
But it wonÕt be the same
A twist in the tale N

ostalgia, memories and history
And itÕs clear to me
Here today, gone tomorrow
And IÕll show you no sorrow

History repeats itÕs repetition
It survives Š it has no competition
Wanting more Š feed on war
And this military mentality
Tightens the noose thatÕs holding me
The twist in the tale

Nostalgia, memories and history

Oh what could be learnt
If IÕd watched Rome burn
And Paris fall
Berlin so thirties fine
But not the best of time
For difference Š for diffidence
You feed on air

And IÕm aware but donÕt care
A time for change
My menacing mentality will
Free the noose thatÕs holding me

The twist in the tale
Twist and shout
Twist and shout Š shout and be heard
Twist and shout Š your ideas, theyÕre not absurd
Twist and shout Š but different

Twist the tail hear the screams
Twist in the tale
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